Lesley Dahl
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The Problem with Paradise
Casey is heading off to Tartuga, a small Caribbean island for the summer and no one, not her mom, not her two best friends, not even her new boyfriend, Matt, get why sheís so bummed. They keep telling her how lucky she is. They keep calling it Paradise.

ďSure, it will be pretty, but so what? Iíve seen plenty of calendar shots of white beaches, pale blue water and sailboats gliding by in the distance. Itís all very picturesque. What you also always see in those photos is a perfect looking couple walking hand in hand along the beach or standing up to their waists in the water, arms twined around each other, gazing at a big orange sun sinking into the horizon.

Thatís my point.

You donít see a lot of calendar shots of mortified teenage girls hurrying along the beach trying to ditch their little brothers, who are following them everywhere, kicking up sand and throwing soggy strands of seaweed at each other.Ē

Once Casey gets to Tartuga, it turns out to be just as awful as she imagined: her brothers trail her everywhere, thereís no one else on the island except her dad, his new wife and about a quadrillion mosquitos. All she can think about is what sheís missing back home. In fact, itís worse than she imagined: thereís no cell service, no internet, no nothing -- she canít even talk to anyone.

Then Jonah turns up. Heís cute, heís tall, heís sixteen, heís there to help her dad out with his sea turtle project and he knows all about the island and itís underwater world.

Then a few other things happen.
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